10 Tools That Will Help You Get Instagram Followers

10 Tools That Will Help You Get Instagram Followers

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These days, if you want to run a successful business, you need to have a strong social media strategy. Even if you’re selling incredible products or services, you aren’t going to get anywhere if you don’t get noticed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram, especially, is now one of the most important platforms businesses are using to find new customers and engage with them so that they become loyal. That’s why you need to get as many followers as possible on this platform if you want success. However, it’s not as easy as it used to be. You can’t simply put up some fun pictures, add your brand’s hashtag, and call it a day.

That’s why you need tools to get you more followers. Socialrocketer published their top Instagram tools list, and now we’re going to publish ours. Read on to learn more.

1 SocialSteeze

Sometimes, you need a little extra help getting Instagram followers, and that’s where buying them comes in. And SocialSteeze is a great tool for this. According to Hackernoon, “It’s a tool that helps you get real followers for Instagram, making it easy to get more followers, grow your Instagram, and in turn, grow your business.” That is way better than many tools that get you fake followers instead of real ones.

2 Hashtagsforlikes.co

Hashtags are a big part of a successful Instagram strategy–but you might not have time to figure out which hashtags are trending globally and which ones relate to your industry. Hashtagsforlikes.co can make your life much easier by finding those hashtags for you, so you can focus on actually running your business. 35 percent of US adults were on Instagram in 2018, and using this tool is a great way to get them following you.

3 MagicSocial

Another great follower automation tool is MagicSocial. This service, which can cost up to $25 a week depending on if you want a Regular or Pro account, will help you get real followers based on a tailored strategy and by targeting audiences.

4 Iconosquare

If you really want your Instagram efforts to work effectively, you need to understand the analytics so that you know what’s working and what isn’t. Because it offers is so much, Iconosquare is simply the best. According to their website, they offer “Instagram competitor and hashtag performance tracking, to Instagram Stories Analytics, to comments’ management, to reporting.”

5 Later

If you prefer to plan your social media strategy months in advance, and you want to schedule posts so that you don’t have to remember to log into Instagram way later, then the Later tool is great. This tool makes it possible to schedule your posts so that you don’t have to stress about the logistics of posting.

6 Canva

At the end of the day, Instagram is a visual platform. So you need your posts to look the best they can. That’s why Canva, an easy-to-use editing tool, will impress viewers and get you more Instagram followers.

7 WhenToGram

One of the best tools out there is WhenToGram, which identifies when the best time is for you to post new images. That way, you won’t have to spend time studying up on it or understanding follower behavior; instead, more people will simply see your posts and choose to follow you.

8 Rival IQ

One of the key elements of success is understanding who your competitors are and how they’re doing better and worse than you. That way, you can learn from them, both from how well their posts do and why they lose followers. Rival IQ makes it easy to get this information. Considering that 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day, this is a great way to make sure that yours are the ones being viewed.

9 Gleam

If you want to have contests and competitions, look no further than Gleam. According to Push Crew, “You can seamlessly integrate it with your brand’s Instagram account and launch fun and engaging contests, run free giveaways and host competitions for your followers,” and it starts at only $10 a month.

10 Socialgoneviral.com

Another great follower automation tool is Socialgoneviral.com. What separates this service is that you actually get to work with a customer support team, and at only $39 for 30 days, it’s worth it, especially if you’re just starting out and need to get some new followers fast.

These are some of the best tools out there if you want to get new Instagram followers fast. What other tools work for you?

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