3 Digital Marketing Strategies Every HR Department Should Follow

3 Digital Marketing Strategies Every HR Department Should Follow

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Human Resources is one of the most underrated functions in any organization. Even though it plays so many roles, such as people leader, employee liaison, career coach, and culture keeper, some of the colleagues even consider HR marketing as simply posting employment vacancies on the internet. Hence, digital marketing strategies for HR department is simply an unavoidable element. Here are some of them every HR department should pay heed to:

  1. Begin with social media

Are you aware that 79 percent of people use social media to look for jobs? It may seem like an over exaggerated number, but it is actually true. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to let each other know that their company has a vacancy for a certain post. Most companies also use these channels as a component of their own marketing effort and that includes the advertising positions available as well. The first introductions are company pages and profiles. Job seekers get a sense of company culture and a glimpse into what you do. Ensure that you are dedicating your time to social output just like any other communication medium.

  1. Embrace LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most progressive corporate social networks and is deemed the foundation of digital marketing from the perspective of HR department. LinkedIn lets many people from any industry post their work history. Ranging from awards to volunteer experience to status updates and formal CVs, LinkedIn is a hub to many people seeking employment. You will have the freedom to create a company page, or leave it to your HR team to seek for a new opportunity in the market and begin the recruitment process. Include LinkedIn in your marketing practices to seek for new talents.

  1. Upgrade your website

If your online marketing efforts on all the social channels are effective, you will require a direct prospective team member on your site. Your home page is your opportunity to create a sturdy impression. Ensure that it is impressive and informative at the same time. Many people will visit your site to gain more info on the vacant positions, company background, and will probably get in touch so ensure that everything is intuitive and easy to use. Also upgrade your website via SEO should also be a part of your marketing plans and construire sa marque employeur at the same time.

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