3 Tips Every Box Manufacturer should Follow for Better Output

3 Tips Every Box Manufacturer should Follow for Better Output

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Although the best way to ensure a quality adhesive pattern is by choosing the type of dispensing equipment, but many box manufacturers ignore the importance of preventative maintenance. It has been found that issues associated with adhesive dispensing equipment can be prevented if the box maker would have taken some measures before to ensure that the glue machinery while conception and creation of the ideal box format is working at its finest. To keep such unwanted downtime at bay and ensure that the glue patterns are working at their best, you need to follow the preventative maintenance procedures listed below.

  • As the time passes, the particles and coagulated glue may tend to accumulate on the filter screens that cause limited adhesive flow and more stress on the glue itself. Cod glue filters must always be inspected once in every week after it has been installed or after a change in the type and brand of adhesive. On the basis of the amount of accumulation, you can adjust the frequency to adjust your dispensing equipment. Always keep in mind that opening the filter housing lets air into the system, so ensure that you have proper purge valve setup before you start.
  • Ensure that the glue pressure follows the machine speeds. For box makers, glue regulator is an essential adhesive delivery component to ascertain the volume of glue being applied on a given machine speed. If you have a lot of glue on the joint when the machine slows down or if there is not enough glue when the machine accelerates, it could be the regulator. In order to test the fluid regulators with no electronic pressure control, always use the T handle on old style regulators and the Auto/Manual switch on the new regulators to check the function manually. If the pressure doesn’t change then you need a repair.

You must always keep the applicator heads and nozzle clean. Accumulation over long periods of time and lack of cleaning when the machine doesn’t work can cause more downtime. Similarly, the worn out applicator heads can also cause poor pattern quality. Applicator heads are wear items that can cause abrasiveness of paper and can also cause chemical corrosion after prolonged exposure. Another critical part is the quick disconnect fittings that can help in accomplishing quality adhesive patterns. The loose applicator heads can cause leaking. To keep the issues at bay, you need to inspect the fittings to verify that the applicator head is nicely secured to the valve. You may need to replace the quick disconnect fittings as needed.

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