Alloy steel pipe for high temperature

Alloy steel pipe for high temperature

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Alloy steel pipe could be used with high temperature applications. The alloy materials used in the composition can make the difference in the temperature limitations. These pipes are made through a process called the solution heat treatment which makes them better suited for high temperatures. Ferritic alloy steels are common amongst the Alloy steel pipe types. They come in different shapes and forms. These are governed by different standardizations. Applications include high heat processing such as heat exchangers, boilers and food processing industrial pipe lines. They are graded according to their chemical compositions and mechanical properties. The P grading is the commonly used one.

There are about 17 levels of P grading. Among them, the P22 is one of the most widely used grades due to its mechanical properties. The pipes could be ERW or seamless in production. The alloy steel seamless pipe could be used in applications which require precise dimensions. These are much smooth and are less vulnerable to corrosion due to the smooth surface. The A335 P22 price is affordable. It is one of the reasons why the P22 is used widely. The applications include refineries, oil and gas industry, heat exchangers, boilers, solar power plants, steam and hot gas applications, etc. The low cost of the material also makes it used in the domestic and low cost applications. The oxidation resistance makes it useful in high temperature applications where oxidation is very prone. The Alloy steel pipe can also be used with carbon steel products where necessary.

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