Common Paper Shredding Errors to Avoid

Common Paper Shredding Errors to Avoid

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In this hi-tech landscape, even hacking techniques have been rising. Hackers are always one step ahead, so every business needs a comprehensive plan for information security. As digital arena is focused on more and more, businesses ignore their paperwork risks. Cyberattacks and viruses are disastrous but ignoring paper destruction process is also bad. For example, if a paper file gets tossed and falls in bad hands then this can damage your business repute and you may be fined or sued.

Common document destruction errors to avoid

Depend on office shredders

Office shredders are good to shred occasional documents but are not secure solution for bulk disposal. Limited documents can be shredded only after removing the paperclips, staples and stickers. In addition, you must empty the shredding receptacle often.

For secure paper shredding process hire dependable document shredding services. They place locked containers at your office site. When the containers get filled, the team collects them and shreds the paper onsite or transports them to shredding facility.

Recycling habit is good but not at the cost of negligence

Tossing private paperwork in recycling bin is a bad idea. It can fall in wrong hands because thieves are always hovering around recycling bins to recover carelessly discarded document holding sensitive data.

Hiring secure eco-friendly shredding service will fulfill your recycling practice as well as protects your crucial data. Actually, after the paper gets torn in the shredder into tiny unreadable pieces they are transported to recycling plant.

Fail to prove destruction

There is a need for verifiable document to prove destruction process as per federal and state laws. Certified document shredding companies offer certificate of destruction, after each shredding project. In this way you have compliance proof that can be showed to auditors or regulators, when they suddenly show up.

Not applying a retention policy

Retention policy will reduce responsibility and ensure compliance but keeping after the documents are not needed escalates privacy risks as well as storage expenses. Retention lifespan of different records differ, so have a process in place to designated and review the dates of final disposition for all kind of documents used by your business.

Not hiring certified shredding services

Many shredding companies don’t carry a legal NAID certificate. It is an association, who aims to educate industry, businesses and government bodies about the significance of terminating unwanted information, promote ethics of member companies and offer value to destruction services.

Avoid these document shredding mistakes and protect your business!

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