Creating Strong and Clear Relationships in the Workplace

Creating Strong and Clear Relationships in the Workplace

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A company that continues to grow in size, in terms of productivity and in profits, will have done so on the back of some amazing work. Building a strong foundation for growth within any industry takes hard work and determination, and a key aspect of that foundation building is creating a clear framework of communication and leadership. This communication should be built on trust, transparency and hold a certain level of flexibility that allows it to change slightly over time as a company grows in size and responsibilities.

It is important that the way you communicate to your team, and how you wish for your employees to communicate with each other, is designed and developed from day one, in order to be most effective. How should a company design its leadership, management and communication framework?

Clear Responsibilities and Directions

From day one your employees should know clearly whom they report to. Your management levels should be distinct and effective, with clear plans and targets set for each department and individual team. With clear responsibilities set out for each employee it is much easier for the larger team, department, and organisational goals to be reached, analysed and reported for faster growth and intuitive flexibility of approach.

Training and Constructive Feedback Sessions

Within each relationship it is important that there is space for clear bespoke training and sessions where constructive feedback is issued. The best leaders in any industry understand that there is a need for constructive criticism in order to individuals to improve on his or her performance for the better of the wider team. It is a delicate balancing act as if criticism is warranted it must be mentioned, but this is best provided alongside a solution to problems in the form of bespoke training courses for individuals and teams, as well as praise and positivity when results are good.

Safe Space to Discuss Issues

There should also be a safe space for any issues to be discussed, whether of a personal nature or in relation to specific work issues. Wherever you sit in the chain of command within an organisation it is important that you understand the correct procedure should you wish to raise a complaint, or if you wish to speak to a manager about a personal issue you are suffering. A clear line of communication within the workplace helps to boost morale and raise staff retention levels.

Pathway to Progression and Management

Another way to improve staff retention rates is to have a clear pathway to progress within the company. With a solid framework of communication and leadership running throughout the organisation, and the availability of training courses and relevant individual and team goals, it is easy to see where progression can take place. Companies with clear paths of progression are more likely to keep their best assets, grow their own leaders and improve year-on-year.

As you can see, with careful planning, a framework of leadership and communication can be built within an organisation. It leads to greater effectiveness, productivity and profits, as well as keeping your brightest employees for the long haul.

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