Dry Type Transformer – The New Age Transformers For New Age Living!

Dry Type Transformer – The New Age Transformers For New Age Living!

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Exceptional power supply has become crucial for the living of the cities and towns. Here new substations and transformers are attached on a daily basis to facilitate smooth power supply. One of the biggest moves in this regard has been the shift from the oil transformers to the dry transformers.

Dry type transformer are the simple high temperature insulator dialetric based transformers which are self-cooling and very low on maintenance. These offer a set of advantages over the traditional transformers making the living around the setup a safer and protected one.

Features of dry transformer

A dry transformer can be used as per the specifications of the set-up required at an area. These come in 2.4kV to 35kV capacity to suit the specifications. A medium voltage dry type transformer is used the most by people for their exceptional working with the power supply! Other features known to be of significance while selecting an appropriate transformer include 4160 to 345000 Volts, copper or aluminum built, winding for 10kVA, 120/240V auxiliary services, cover insulation of 80 to 150 degrees etc. Dry transformers have become a quintessential choice for high rise buildings, factories etc.

Safe for the life and environment

The old format of transformers i.e. the oil based transformers used the liquid as insulators. The heat around the wire is cooled with these liquids resulting in the generation of heat and toxic gases around the chamber. The possibility of people safely working with the chamber was difficult. Additionally, any breakdown would also bring in complex threatening for life. But with the dry transformer there is safety from all of this. The dry transformer uses a di-electric insulator that does not emit any harmful toxic gas and is self-cooling. It exhibits no harmful gases into the environment and stays cool without additional aid. It safe and non-toxic!

Value for money

As compared to the oil transformers, the dry transformers have a better useful life. These serve for a better use, low maintenance, safety comfort and with no need of additional repairs every now and then. There is also the safety from the breaking down of the transformer due to extreme heat. The dry transformers made of smart technology and compact design is available for cheap as compared to the oil based ones. These serve the need just right in a smarter way.

Wondering how power supply can be made a more reliable and safe option for a housing complex or office – choose the dry transformers for the electric conversions!

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