Environmental Awareness for SMEs and how to Be Greener in Practice

Environmental Awareness for SMEs and how to Be Greener in Practice

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For SMEs within all industries in the UK there has been a growing awareness and level of responsibility for environmental practices and processes within an organisation that contribute towards a carbon footprint. Looking at new ways to act as a brand in order to reduce the impact an organisation has on the environment has often been considered costly practice, or a process for a future generation to worry about and to implement change. We are now in an important period however where the impact of our business practice on the environment is more acute than ever before. Not only that, from a purely marketing and profit standpoint, making changes towards a ‘greener’ working practice can help to boost profits and make your brand recognisable to customers and suppliers as one that cares about the environment and is forward thinking about ethical ideals that are bigger than just the bottom line. Your customer retention and profits will improve as a direct result of becoming greener.

All over Europe the rise of SMEs has led to an increasing production of pollution on the continent from that group of companies. They are responsible for around two-thirds of all pollution. With this in mind, if you are the owner of a SME it is vital that you look at all business practices and processes within your organisation and look at ways in which you can improve and reduce the carbon footprint of the organisation as a whole.

If you are just starting out as a business, or you are running a small company, with just you and maybe a small team of employees, out of home or a small office, there are practices that you can start from day one to ensure you are being environmentally aware and ethical with your approach to daily tasks and processes. This starts from little practices such as looking for renewable energy sources to pair up with, installing smart meters at your business property, insulating office walls thoroughly and effectively and installing double-glazed windows where they are not already in place.

It is important to start as early as possible as thinking about the environment and the impact your work has on it becomes a positive habit, ingrained in the ethos of the organisation and gives you a solid platform to grow form and to scale with easily. This works throughout the organisation, with your IT requirements and the power sources and supplies you have in place. Never leave computers running when they don’t need to be, cool your hardware effectively and look for efficient storage solutions for data and documents that are created (both digitally and physically).

One of the easiest things you can do is to find a professional, confidential shredding service for your business. They can visit your property at regular intervals, collecting documents that have been created (incidental documents or those of a sensitive and confidential nature). From secure bin storage your document waste can be securely and confidentially destroyed, complying with GDPR and helping you think greener as waste is recycled.

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