Knowing About The Work Of A Quality Control Technician And Available Career Options

Knowing About The Work Of A Quality Control Technician And Available Career Options

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There are a large variety of career options available in the field of quality control technology. These Technicians work in various manufacturing companies and form a part of the quality management team. Their duty is to ensure that the process involved in manufacturing and the products meet the company’s quality specifications.

They help in improving the productivity, minimize waste and ensure that all the products received by the customer are based on the quality standards. There are various career options available in this field. There are companies like Breton Tradition 1944 In Quebec, which fulfills recherche emploi Riviere Du Loup and provides jobs in different sectors like quality management.

Definition Of Career For Quality Control Technician

These Technicians take care of quality management processes, test products record and do the analysis during the manufacturing of the product. The product can be anything like healthcare equipment, clothing and even a food item depending on the industry where the technician works. They need to report to the quality control engineer.

Educational requirement

BLS (Bureau labor Statistics) states that employers need a two- year associate’s degree for the industrial engineering technology positions and it also includes the jobs of quality control technicians.

The programs are accredited by the Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) can also be taken by the students. Doing laboratory work is an important part of quality control curriculum. The working technicians can get a certificate from the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Skill Requirement

The quality control technicians should be skilled in their work as their job involves maintaining the quality processes. Statistical, basic science, engineering, measurement and test equipment knowledge is compulsory.  They should have the ability to look into minute details. As they work as a team they should have good interpersonal and communication ability.


The quality control technicians can achieve good career growth by pursuing quality control engineering jobs by going for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering. Work experience increases the advancements in career options. The senior quality control inspectors can work as supervisors.

Other Career Options

Career options like Quality Control inspector and Industrial Engineer can also be chosen. A quality control inspector checks the defects in products and materials. An industrial engineer job includes discovering the various methods to enhance the work process and to remove any kind of wastage.


Thus the job of a quality control technician is related to maintaining quality checks and to minimize any kind of wastages. This field of quality control offers good job opportunities to the people who have the relevant qualification which is necessary for this field.

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