Streamlining Gemba Walks: A Simple Insight For Managers!

Streamlining Gemba Walks: A Simple Insight For Managers!

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Improving operational performance is a key aspect of management. Businesses are constantly trying to find ways and means to get more from the processes and production flow, and in that quest, management techniques like frequent audits and Gemba walks become extremely relevant. In simple words, Gemba walk is about reviewing the work process by observation, so as to find the possible room for improvement. Today, managers have tools and apps that promise to simplify the process. For instance, Tervene is the world’s first Team Improvement App that aids managers in conducing Gemba easily. Here are some of the essential aspects that managers need to know.

Understanding the purpose of Gemba

To conduct Gemba walks, managers need to first decode what the exercise is all about. Gemba is not same as auditing, and it is not Management By Walking Around either. Instead, it is about processes and not people. Managers need to understand that Gemba is not about being bossy. It is not about focusing on the performance of people and workers. In fact, this is a collaborative effort on part of everyone to improve productivity. For this, it is necessary to have a purpose and define the need for Gemba walks, and it has to be repeated. In most organizations where Gemba walks are a norm, the exercise is done at least two to three times each day.

Adding more value to the process

Well, to make the most of Gemba walks, it is critical for managers to have a keen eye for details. They must be willing to ask repetitive questions and must be open to the idea of taking feedback. Also, the process must be done in a way that the actual work flow is not affected. Observers can impact the way workers are working on the floor, so everyone has to be aware of their role during Gemba.

Using an app only adds more value to the process. There are apps that help managers use Gemba effectively, but creating tasks, checklist and recording everything in a systematic way. Also, apps for Gemba walks are ideal for reducing paper work and focusing more on the actual process of suggesting changes and taking critical decisions.

Final word

Don’t ignore the power of Gemba walks for your enterprise and its work processes. The exercise only gets easier when you use the right app. You can check online for apps that help in Gemba walks.

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