The Benefits of RAMS to a Challenging Work Site

The Benefits of RAMS to a Challenging Work Site

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If you are responsible for managing the assets and contractors working on a challenging site it is vital that you understand the major benefits of not only a thorough risk assessment process, but also the creation of a Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS). Utilising a RAMS management software is the perfect way to ensure that your project is fully covered, whether it is set across multiple locations, in difficult to reach parts of the country, on difficult terrain, or even in challenging environments such as offshore projects.

What is included within a RAMS document though?

Every single aspect of your project and site conditions should be considered when putting together a risk assessment and creating a risk assessment method statement. Every work site is unique and different to the next, and if you are in charge of multiple sites and those in challenging working conditions it is better to be proactive and fully prepared prior to contractors arriving on site, rather than be reactive to challenges that could potentially cause accidents that lead to injuries and fatalities.

The first task when putting together RAMS for your challenging work environment is to make an extensive list of all aspects of your site, the specific roles that will be required to be filled, and even down to the exact machinery and equipment used, and every single task that must be completed.

Within the list try to include as much detail as possible, including:

  • An explanation of every single task required to be completed in order for the project to be deemed a success
  • Specific job role descriptions and a full risk assessment for each role
  • Locations on site where each job role and task will be performed throughout the project
  • Individual responsibilities for each role, including all health and safety responsibilities
  • Full risk assessment of every piece of machinery, equipment, and plant to be used on the project
  • All permits to work for every single contractor
  • Understanding of all hazards present on site
  • Detailed plan and controls for all hazards and potential hazards on site

The benefits of RAMS and a RAMS management software is that it can have a real positive impact on your ability as a project manager to effectively manage a project from start to finish. Having all available data and information delivered to you accurately and securely, in a single-point system that demonstrates an overarching project in clear detail helps to maintain a smooth and effective project, whilst limiting the risks of accident and injury through an accurate perception of all potential hazards on site.

The vast majority of companies working on projects within challenging environments will implement some form of RAMS management system and asset tracking programme. Find the correct solution for your specific site and project needs, with a clear and effective software that allows for the safety of all staff and contractors through a clear awareness of all potential hazards, and a clear and simple system for effective hazard training and induction processes prior to contractors entering site to work.

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