The Best Guide to Landing a Job in Audio Production

The Best Guide to Landing a Job in Audio Production

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Are you currently studying music production or audio engineering in one of the best audio production schools? If so, you begin your job search in audio production even before graduation. Start networking and researching now. Although your audio production training will qualify you for a range of positions, you are in a competitive industry where cold-call resumes rarely work, regardless of your qualification. Today is the perfect time to start making connections to get hired later.

What Jobs to Look For

As you possess new audio production skills, you will be qualified for a range of jobs and career positions. To narrow your search down, consider your interests and passions. Jobs and career opportunities you can explore include being an audio engineer or audio engineering assistant, music producer, live audio engineer, post-production expert, mastering engineer, and others.

How to Land a Job in Audio Production

Below are some tips to be more strategic with your job search:

  • Build connections. To be considered for any audio production job, you have to get inside the industry, so find ways to connect with industry people. You can be half-way there if you are a recording connection student who is extending in a recording studio. You can expect your mentor and the Student Services Department to help you making introductions and recommend you to possible employers. In case you need more inroads, consider an internship at a recording studio. In fact, you can also offer to volunteer to gain practical work experience.

  • Be present online. Today, you need an online presence to look legitimate. This presence will help you expand your connections beyond the people you can meet in person. Create a website and have a social media presence. This will make it easy for possible employers to look for useful information about you and your accomplishments.
  • Determine your target job. Focusing your job search on the kind of work you want to do will save you energy and time. Also, think about focusing on the locations where such jobs are more likely to be. For instance, if you want to work in country music, look for companies in related locations. Take your time researching possible companies you want to work and learning as much as you can about them. When you target your job search to places and the kinds of work you find interesting, you may land a job in audio production you will love for years.

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